Why Print Pre-Sales?


It all started when...

I was a wide-eyed girl. I had a bunch of paintings that made me proud.
"The world will love these," I thought.
So I decided to print multiple copies of each painting.

I wanted only best for the people who would trade their hard earned cash for my artwork. I researched where to get high quality prints on the best quality paper.
"That will cost a lot of money," the printer said.
"That's okay," I said, "I want the best."
So I slapped down some money I had saved up and ordered the prints.

They were beautiful.

I still have some of them in a drawer. Sitting here. Lonely.

Only a handful sold. I lost a few hundred dollars. Should I have just raised the price on the ones I sold? Business me says yes, that's what you should have done. Human me says that just feels wrong.

Fast foward to now. I have a bunch of paintings of which I am proud.
"The world will love these!"
But I know now, people will buy prints when they are ready. And some paintings, while they look great on a website, may not be what people want hanging on their wall.

So instead of printing a bunch of copies and jacking the prices up, OR going to some shady discount poster printing place, I've decided the best way to keep quality high and prices low is to do pre-sales every month.

That way there are no wasted prints. Everybody's happy.

Here have some of this cake.

So each month, there will be a pre-sale period. At the end of the pre-sale, I will order prints from the printer, check them for quality, sign them, pack them, and ship them to you!